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The Next Five To Fifteen Years Will Change Everything

I have been fascinated of late by the topic of driverless cars. Like most of us I had heard about them but thought them to be a "future" thing so I don't have to be concerned yet. Well I was wrong.

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To Zillow Or Not To Zillow

I received a "sell short" alert from my investment adviser a few days ago. He is not a Realtor. He sited many reasons to bet on Zillow declining in value and here are some of his bullet points

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All Realtors Are Not The Same And All People Are Not The Same

Just today I read a post to a national on-line real estate magazine. It really addresses a big issue. Here is the post:If you were buying a used car and the salesperson suggested you use their

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House Flipping Is NOT For Amateurs

House-flippers are becoming media superstars. The number of seminars and television shows devoted to flipping for big money has convinced many to take the plunge. It's so easy to watch tv

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The Little Things Count Big When Selling Your Home

So much attention is given to things like paint, landscaping, appliances, carpet, staging, etc. in preparing a house for sale. What many people don't consider are the small things that don't seem

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Prices Are Rising In Most Popular Neighborhoods In The SE Phoenix Metro Area

The following chart shows how prices have increased (or not) in some of the most popular areas in the South East Phoenx Metro Area.  This chart reflects the change in sale prices from the 12

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